What is Gesture Drawing?

What is Gesture Drawing?

Gaurav Gupta asked June 30, 2016

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Sumit Paliwal June 30, 2016

Just imagine yourself talking to someone describing an object with gestures of your hand. When something remotely close to these hand gestures are depicted on paper in the form of drawing it is known as Gesture Drawing. 
Each gesture in the drawing is significant as it says something specific about what you want to portray.  
Thus Gesture Drawing is the depiction of the essence of the object rather than its realistic presentation. Usually it is related to figure drawing and the following aspects should bekept in mind while trying your hand at Gesture Drawing- 

  • Choose a subject to draw 
  • Observe all the fine aspects of the subject you have chosen 
  • Think about what the subject is doing and how it looks before trying to depict on paper 
  • Depict your subject in outlines by contour drawing 
  • Depict the mass of your subject by making circular motions within the outline or shade within the figure you have made 
  • Don’t stop to think rather draw whatever your eye is seeing instantly on the paper.  
  • Draw very lightly 

Various mediums like watercolors, pastels, ink or charcoal can be used for Gesture Drawing.  


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