What is Gardening?

What is Gardening?

Noopur Verma asked March 17, 2016

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Sumit Paliwal March 17, 2016

When a land is cultivated or tended to as a hobby or a pastime to grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, shrubs or herbs it is considered Gardening.  
Gardening may be done in the following ways such as- 

  • Indoor Gardening- growing of houseplants within a residence, building or green house.  
  • Native plant Gardening- gardening that is done by adapting to growing plants of a native area.  
  • Water Gardening- growing of plants that are adapted to ponds or pools.  
  • Container Gardening- concerned with growing plants in any container be it indoor or outdoor 
  • Community Gardening-is gardening done by a community or people belonging to a neighborhood to cater to clean and beautiful surroundings. 
  • Organic Gardening- growing plants without the use of chemicals and fertilizers in a natural way.  

Simple Gardening requires no special skill. It is a work of passion and fondness of either to make your residence, neighborhood, parks beautiful or because you have a special thrive to connect to nature. But there are special procedures for growing certain types of plants and they require specialization thereof.

  1. What are the possible career options in Gardening
  2. There are n number of options to pursue career in Gardening.Some of them are:
    1) Garden or landscape design
    2) Garden maintenance and planting
    3) Arboriculture
    4) Working in a nursery: growing, selling, and management
    5) Floral design
    6) Turf Management
    7) Integrated Pest Management
    8) Amenity Management
    9) Agriculture
    10) Garden sitting service (i.e. maintaining gardens while the owners are on holiday)
    11) Providing garden therapy in nursing homes
    12) Growing and selling container plants or house plantsHope the information will be helpful.

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