What is Foreshortening?

What is Foreshortening?

Ruchika Gupta asked April 11, 2016

1 answer

Ashish Kumar April 11, 2016

In terms of drawing Foreshortening means representing an object in a picture in depth. When a line, form or object etc is represented shorter than actual in order to give it an illusion of recession, it is termed as Foreshortening.  

Take for example, a standing man and view his image from the front. Now imagine that this standing man is falling a little backwards. In terms of perspective, his head will appear farther than his foot. To create this illusion, the technique that is applied by shortening his head and making a bigger foot is termed as Foreshortening.  

Thus Foreshortening is a form of art when the object you see seems compressed and shortened and brings out illusionary depth. 


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