What is DSLR?

What is DSLR?

Charul Tyagi asked March 8, 2016

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Sumit Paliwal March 8, 2016

Photography is an art of capturing pictures by a camera or these days relatively via a Smartphone. You can find people clicking pictures with a simple digital camera or with their mobiles.  
DSLR is not a common term for those that are not aware of photographical concepts. It means ‘Digital Single Lens Reflex’. But just this term is not sufficient to bring out what it means. So, in simpler terms DSLR is a digital camera that helps you to get exactly what you see. How? 
Well, it uses mirrors to direct light from the lens to the viewfinder(a hole on the back of the camera that you look through) to assess the object of the photograph.  
DSLR helps you to take photographs of almost anything from sleeping puppies to racing cars. The pictures that are captured with DSLR are alive and bring out what one actually wants to show.  


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