What is clay modeling?

What is clay modeling?

Shashi Negi asked March 3, 2016

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Abhilash Rajput March 3, 2016

When a malleable substance is molded to build or sculpt, it is known as clay modeling. In simple terms when a flexible material can be molded and given shape in a variety of ways we call it clay modeling. 
Clays are broadly two types- 

Hardening clays are made of substance that gives a firmness to anything that is made and makes it permanent. 
Non-hardening clays are made of flexible substance and can be adjusted.  
Clay modeling is becoming a popular form of art these days and is extensively being used for various kinds of craft activities. Anyone be it children, art students, hobbyists or professionals such as potters and animators can actively model clay and make beautiful sculptures or animations with clay.   

  1. My child is fond of playing with clay, but I am afraid that it could harm the sensitive skin of my child. On what basis, it can be decided that a particular clay is appropriate for the children?

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