What is candle making?

What is candle making?

Dheeraj Kumar asked March 8, 2016

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Ashish Kumar March 8, 2016

The art of making a candle is referred to as candle making. A candle is a wick that can be ignited(burnt) and is embedded in wax or any other flammable solid substance to provide light and fragrance. 
Candle making is a form of art that has become a widely popular hobby today.  
The materials required to make a candle are- 

  • Melting wax 
  • Wick  
  • Jar or a tin (moulds to pour the melted wax into) 
  • Coloring agents (to make a colored candle) 
  • Scent (to add fragrance to the candle) 
  • Candle thermometer (to ascertain the melting of the wax) 
  • Double boiler (large pot and a small pot) 

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