What does the term “Volley” means in Tennis?

What does the term “Volley” means in Tennis?

Hitesh Kumar asked November 2, 2016

1 answer

Meenakshi Tripathi November 2, 2016

A volley in tennis is a shot in which the ball is struck before it bounces on the ground. The word derives from M. French volée meaning flight. A regular volley is hit with a short backswing and a punching stroke.When the ball comes at less pace, though, the volleyer can take a longer backswing it is called a Swing volley. A player can also touch the ball lightly, so that the ball will fall just after the net. This is known as a Drop volley. Another type of volley is the Drive volley. This is hit with more backswing and effectively this is a volley groundstroke and a very aggressive shot, giving your opponent less time, and can be used as a way to approach the net.


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