What changes should I make at home to control my child’s tantrums?

What changes should I make at home to control my child’s tantrums?

Bhanu Prakesh asked July 6, 2016

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Sumit Paliwal July 6, 2016

Children throwing tantrums is something that every household is a witness to. The parents often lose their cool when they see their children whining, crying, shouting and holding their breath unnecessarily but you have to calm yourself down and understand that this is just a common childhood phase that has to be handled with intelligence and calm. 
Small changes that you can make in the household to control your child’s tantrums are: 

  • Be positively attentive towards your child and appreciate your child for each little effort that he/she makes. 
  • Keep things which are off limits away from your child’s sight and reach so that the child does not get distracted and demands it.  
  • Keep your child busy so that they are distracted from any tantrum that can arise due to idle mind.  
  • Be very firm about handing out punishment in case your child misbehaves.  
  • Ground your child for a set time if your child persists in showing tantrums. 

These few but small tips can be effective in controlling your child’s tantrums.  

  1. Can Punishing my child help in controlling his tantrums?
  2. Hello Pankaj,

    Research says that 'Punishing child makes him/her more mischievous' , but yes it does not mean that you cannot or you should not punish them upon their wrong habits.But you should always try to hold your child accountable for their behavior without punishment.For this you should

    - Provide him/her with a happy, optimistic and secure home environment.

    - Make your child feel your love, belonging, being wanted and understood. This will enhance his confidence in his own self making him happy and friendly.

    - Do not cater to their every demand to try and make them happy in the short run because the real world works differently. Ensure that you do not over pamper them so that they mould themselves to tackle both positive and negative vibes.

    - Praise your child for his efforts and give him the confidence that efforts matter, not the results. This will free him from all pressures and make him happy.
  3. Hope the advice would prove useful for you.

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