What are the various career options in Astronomy?

What are the various career options in Astronomy?

Gaurav Gupta asked March 17, 2016

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Sumit Paliwal March 17, 2016

Astronomy is the oldest and perhaps the most intriguing science that deals with the study and mysteries of  the celestial objects in the universe like the galaxies, sun, moon, planets, stars, meteors, moon and many more. 
To plan a career in astronomy one should be aware that it is professionally divided into two types of study and application.  
Observational Astronomy:  
Under this branch the celestial bodies are observed by telescope, binoculars, unaided eyes and collecting data for maintaining instruments.  

Theoretical Astrophysics : 
Analyzing, determining, concluding and explaining the observations of the data collected.   

After deciding the type of astronomical field one wants to opt for, one should go in for an intensive educational degree to move ahead.  

The career opportunities that can be opted in Astronomy are- 
1. Work for defense and space research organizations.
2. Work for observatories, planetariums and science parks. 
3. Work as assistants to senior scientists 
4. Work in the manufacturing department of the instruments related to astronomy such as telescope, sky map, compass etc.  

Two prerequisites essential to make a career in Astronomy are passion to learn about the universe and an aptitude for science.  

  1. Can you list few Institutes in India that offer course in Astronomy?
  2. Hi,Punita.here are the list of few Institutes that offer studies in Astronomy as well as Astrophysics

    .1) Center for Earth atmosphere and Weather modification technologies,Hyderabad.

    2) Savitribai Phule Pune University,Pune

    3) Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore

    4) Cochin University of Science and Technology,Kochi

    5)National Centre for Radio Astrophysics,Pune

    6) Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics,Pune

    7) Indian Institute of Astrophysics,Bangalore.

    8) Aryabhatt Research Institute of Observational Sciences,Nainital

    Hope,the information will be useful to you.

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