What are the trending activities / hobbies for kids?

What are the trending activities / hobbies for kids?

Noopur Verma asked March 5, 2016

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Nikita Rawat March 5, 2016

Hobby is an activity that gives pleasure and feeling of satisfaction. Usually hobby is taken up on the basis of interest or skill.  

Taking up a hobby proves to be beneficial to the child as it enhances the activity and learning foreground of the child. Creativity, discovering their talents and have fun is the criterion behind taking up on a hobby. They can be simple yet extravagant depending upon your child’s interest.  

Some hobbies that can be taken up by your child are- 

Art and craft activities 
Which can include all types of paintings, sketching, sculpting, candle making, mural making, making paper planes, beaded jewelry, baskets, puppets and many other activities.  
These will not only help them master their motor skills but teach them the fine use of both their hands.  

Collection of Items  
Which can include collecting coins, stamps, post cards, shells, flags, dolls or any other item your child is interested in. 
This hobby not only makes your child curious about old existent things but also makes them well versed with variety.

Sport Hobbies 
If you see your child restless at home and keen to throw things around with his hands or legs channelize him/her towards sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton , squash or any game that your child is interested in.  

Hobbies that emphasize performance 
This includes play acting, dramas, dance, playing a musical instrument or singing. This will enhance the inborn talent of your child and give him/her confidence to perform in front of audience.  


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