What are the rules to be followed in Kho-Kho?

What are the rules to be followed in Kho-Kho?

Alok Ranjan asked March 3, 2016

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Deepak Sharma March 3, 2016

 Kho Kho is an Indian traditional game that will make you sit at the edge of your seat in excitement. 
 A match of Kho Kho is a team game played for two innings with 7 minutes given to each team for run and chase in one inning. Both teams consists of twelve members each but only nine of them are taken in the field. The left three are kept as stand bys. Out of the nine members, eight sit in a kneeling position in a row in the eight squares made for them. They have an opposite facing sitting arrangement. The ninth member is the chaser and can stand on any end of the row to begin the hunt. While the running team has to evade being caught, the chasing team has to touch their opponent with their palms without committing a foul. The runners have to try and sustain from being caught in those nine minutes. A runner can be dismissed by a chaser if he gets touched by the chaser,crosses the limit or enters inside the limit late.   
Whereas the defending team enters in threesome. After one batch of the three gets dismissed, the other one has to enter. Defenders can move on both sides of the row of sitting chasers whereas the chaser have to run in only one direction. The chaser has to take the complete round or can give ‘Kho’ to any team member of his by touching him from behind his back, whom he thinks is in a position to dismiss a runner. Multiple shouts of Kho and dismiss, lots of running around sums u the game.  
After the completion of chase by one team, the other team switches over to become the chasers. A two minute interval is given between the switching of roles and a five minute break is kept aside after first innings gets complete. This continues in the second innings too and the team that successfully dismisses its opponent in less time is the winner. The total time taken to play the game is 7m x 4= 28m + 5m interval+ 4m between innings= 37 minutes.  
In mere 37 minutes, the players experience the thrill of chase and the audience are rooted to their spots wanting to just jump in the game to take active part in it.  

  1. Is there any defined distance that is supposed to be maintained between the player of the team sitting?

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