What are the rules of Table tennis?

What are the rules of Table tennis?

Sashi Shanker Singh asked April 26, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi April 26, 2016

Some common rules of the game are discussed below.

  • Service can only start with the ball resting freely on the open palm of the server’s hand.

  • Gameplay starts with a coin-toss, where it is decided who will serve first. Otherwise, the scorer can hide the ball in one hand, hidden under the table and the player who correctly guesses the hand gets to serve. The ball is played back and forth three times, which is known as serve to play. This is before the actual event begins.

  • rally is a period during which the ball is in play. A let is a rally where a result doesn’t let to a point.

  • Points are given in following situations– if an opponent fails to make correct service, in case the ball fails to return, if after the service, the ball touches anything but the net assembly before being struck by the opponent.

  • Other ways to score a point includes, if a ball passes over the court and beyond the end line, if the ball passes between the net, if the opponent obstructs the ball, if the ball is struck deliberately twice, if anything that the opponent is wearing or carrying moves playing surface or touches the net assembly.

Points can also be scored if free hand of the opponent touches playing surface, if a doubles opponent strikes the ball in out of the first server-first receiver sequence.


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