What are the principles of Yoga?

What are the principles of Yoga?

Charul Tyagi asked April 20, 2016

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Abhilash Rajput April 20, 2016

Yoga is based on a few principles which are 
Relaxation: This principle stresses on release of tension in your muscles by relaxing your body to achieve mental peace and carry over this feeling of rejuvenation into all your activities to let go of tension and worries. 
Exercise: This principle stresses on proper exercise and postures to provide agility, strength and regulation to our muscles and joints. Regular breathing coordinated with movements provides mental and spiritual growth to the Yoga performer.  
Breathing: Stresses on deep and rhythmic breathing to make proper use of lungs thereby increasing the oxygen intake. Regulation of breathing through postures help to increase energy level and hold on to a calm mind under stress.
Diet: This principle stresses that one should only eat when hungry and in moderate quantities. The food intake should consist of healthy and natural food to help avoid obesity and maintain a healthy mind and body.
Positive Thinking: Our thought process affects our life and Yoga lays emphasis on positive and happy thinking to make us feel hopeful and have a positive approach to life.  


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