What are the possible career options in photography?

What are the possible career options in photography?

Ankit Gupta asked March 4, 2016

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Ashish Kumar March 4, 2016

Photography is a creative art of self expression. It is a hobby that can be turned into profitable business by becoming professional from a novice if you are talented.  
With emergence of extensive communicating networks and advertising media, career in photography is evolving as one of the most challenging and remunerating professions. If one is talented then polishing those inherent skills by in depth knowledge of all fine skills of photography one can make a mark in this photographic industry.   
After an educational training in the field of photography the various career options that can be taken up are as-   

  • Photo journalist  
  • Ad and fashion photographer  
  • Portrait photographer  
  • Industrial photographer  
  • Wildlife photographer  
  • Forensic photographer  
  • Scientific, Technical or Medical photographer  
  • Wildlife photography 
  • Travel, Wedding or Nature photography 
  • Freelance photography.

There are also opportunities in advertising agencies, fashion and media industry, business concerns and various departments that require skills of a photographer to exhibit their products.  


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