What are the major ingredients of compost?

What are the major ingredients of compost?

Chandra Singh asked March 17, 2016

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Nikita Rawat March 17, 2016

Compost is made from decayed material which majorly includes remains from garbage. Compost provides nutrients to the soil and help the plant to grow healthy.  
Major ingredients that the compost consists of, are- 

Biodegradable waste that might consist of dead leaves, pet poop, garbage from the kitchen, left over tea or coffee, water for boiling pasta, vegetables, fruit juice, old wine, beer, saw dust, rotten eggs or their shells, left over pieces of fish, mutton, chicken, animal manure, human waste, matter that has carbon and nitrogen such as green or proteins or many more such leftover food or garbage can be added to make a compost.   

Just by accumulating and putting these materials will not make your compost. It should also be spiced up with natural ingredients such as heat, moisture and oxygen to decompose the matter completely and use it as fertilizer for plants. 

  1. Yes,it can prove to be a good idea to use the household waste.I will try it.

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