What are the field dimensions for Kho Kho?

What are the field dimensions for Kho Kho?

Abhimanyu Singh asked March 4, 2016

1 answer

Abhilash Rajput March 4, 2016

Kho Kho a high energy game is played in a rectangular field. The dimensions of the total field layout are 33m x 21m with playfield being 29m x 16m. Free zone marked with lime powder is 27M x 16m and the central lane where players sit is 23.50m x 30cm. The cross lane dimensions are 16m x 30cm and 8squares are marked of 30cm x 30cm each. At the end of the central lane are two posts. With dimensions 120cm (h) by 30cm x 40cm (inner circumfrence) these posts are made of wood and are smooth all over. They are fixed in the free zone area.
So, basically the game Kho Kho is set up in a rectangular field where apart from the central lane with 8 squares, some area is left free for the chasers to run around the row. To limit the run around area, two posts are fixed made of wooden poles.


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