What are the Do’s and Don’ts of practicing Yoga?

What are the Do’s and Don’ts of practicing Yoga?

Jeetendra Kumar asked July 6, 2016

Yoga is said to provide mental peace and relaxation to the body. It reduces negative thoughts and makes our life better. Once you want to start with Yoga it is always advisory to go through the basic guidelines of Yoga though some of  the Do’s and Don’ts of practicing it are-



Yoga should be practiced early in the morning without eating anything.

You should keep an adequate interval between Yoga and your bath.

Yoga should be practiced on a mat /carpet on the floor.

While practicing Yoga remove all other thoughts from your mind and only concentrate on your meditation and asanas.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing while doing Yoga.

Do not eat a big meal before you start Yoga.

Be very clear about your asanas in Yoga as they might prove harmful if not performed correctly.



Do not practice Yoga in smoky places.

Do not practice yoga where the smell is foul.

Do not perform yoga if the age is below 8 years.

Refrain from Yoga in case of illness, fracture, menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

Do not perform Yoga without having proper knowledge about the procedure.

  1. Can I drink water during my Yoga sessions?
  2. Hello Vinod,The answer to your question is No.

    The reason for this is that while you practice Yoga you build up ushna in your body and by taking a sip of cold water all the heat and energy thus created goes down rapidly.

    Though ideally water should not be drunk during Yoga but some still go with the notion that if you are feeling too parched or dehydrated you can take just a sip of water but that too not at frequent intervals as the energy level that gets built comes down instantly with that water sip.

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