What are the different levels of Guitar training?

What are the different levels of Guitar training?

Lalit Sharma asked April 2, 2016

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Nikita Rawat April 2, 2016

Usually, there are different modules in Guitar. Learning all of them is required in order to obtain a certification. The course of Guitar teaches all the modules in three different levels i.e., beginning, intermediate and advanced level. So,it takes several weeks to complete all the levels and to get the certification. At each level, there are different techniques, skills and concepts.

Beginner level is the initial one which you cannot skip even you have the basic knowledge of it. Various chords are taught within the level which is further used at the following levels.

Following beginners level, comes an intermediate level in which varied songs can be played using the barre chords, CAGED chords and riffs. If you will skip learning these chords, you can’t play a song on your own. The intermediate level will also help you to play lead guitar and single note melodies.This level will also help you to understand the basic of scales and arpeggios.

Above all comes the advanced level that helps the guitarist to understand the music theory. It will also teach the guitarist to put all the positions of pentatonic and diatonic scales and CAGED arpeggios.
All these levels will help the learner to play any music using any chord. Learning all these levels will aid in obtaining the certificate.


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