What are the different forms of Orchestra ?

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Sumit Paliwal November 22, 2016

Orchestras perform a variety of music, most of which includes ballets, operas, symphonies, overtures and concerts. Some of the distinct forms of orchestra are discussed below.

1)Symphony – A symphony includes 50 -100 musicians with strong, percussion, woodwind and brass instruments. Always led by a conductor, symphonies are extended compositions that are notated in a musical score. Some symphonies, such as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony also contain small vocal parts.

2) Chamber – This kind of orchestra is a smaller version of a symphony and has less than 50 musicians. The reason why it is called a chamber is because the musicians can fit in a public hall or a private room. However, the number of string instruments played in the chamber is usually the same as symphony orchestra.

3)String – String Orchestra is the kind of orchestra which only includes violin, viola, cello and other string instruments. On an average 8 instruments are used for this ensemble. Sometimes, a conductor isn’t required for these orchestras because of the smaller size.

4)Indian Orchestra – An Indian Orchestra is an instrumental ensemble, which when performed in the traditional way has four kinds of instruments – string, wind, drums and non -drum percussion. Indian orchestra includes instruments like Sitar and Tambura, Veena, Sarangi and Santoor, Bagpipes, flutes and harmonium. They may include other drums and instruments as well.

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