What are the different acrylic techniques?

What are the different acrylic techniques?

Shashi Negi asked April 12, 2016

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Seema Rawat April 12, 2016

Acrylic painting is done by colors that are made from acrylic polymer suspension. They dry fast and even though are diluted with water become water resistant when dry. Their finish resembles an oil painting or sometimes they portray their own uniqueness.  

Various techniques applied to acrylic painting that enhances its beauty are-
GLAZING:  This is a technique where thin glazes mixed with pigment are applied on the painting by making minute changes in color and hue, making the painting almost come live.  

SCUMBLING: When one thin layer of paint is applied over another layer, leaving the underneath layer to be visible partially it is known as scumbling.  

ALLA PRIMA: This is an unconventional technique which implies painting at once and just brushing around to give fleeting expressions.   

WET ON/IN WET: This refers to painting on the surface when the paint underneath is still wet. By applying wet on wet creates amazing results. 

WATERCOLOR EFFECTS: This technique creates beautiful, almost luminous effect as it applies water mixed pigment and then lets it blend with the painting.  

CHIAROSCURO:  This technique illuminates the depth of the painting by creating a contrast between the light and dark parts.  

STIPPLING: This technique uses the end of bristles on the brush to make spots of color that seem like imprints of texture such as grain.  

SCRAPING: This technique involves scraping through the layers of paint with whatever you like to scrape through.  

DRY BRUSH TECHNIQUE: This technique involves application of dry paint over the canvas to create an impact of some high spots thereby giving it kind of grainy texture.  

IMPASTO: When a thick and juicy paint is applied on the canvas from any medium be it spoon , it is termed as Impasto and can take years to dry.  

SGRAFFITO: When the top layer of paint is scratched to reveal the underneath layer, it is known as Sgraffito.  

SPATTERING: When by a tooth brush, scrubbing brush or any other brush an illusion is created which looks like grains or shells it is known as spattering.  

FAUX FINISH: Painting technique which creates illusion of stone, wood, fabric or more.  

RUBBING: When the paint is rubbed off or softened by a cloth giving a kind of weathered look , it is termed as rubbing. 

By applying any technique acrylic painting can be made beautiful.


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