What are the basic rules of Cycling ?

What are the basic rules of Cycling ?

Shobhit Agarwal asked November 21, 2016

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Ashish Kumar November 21, 2016

The main objective of the cycling is basically to ensure that you are riding without obstructing the course of another purposefully. Each cycling event has its own length to cover within a certain time frame. These are few rules that need to be followed :

1) You cannot unnecessarily delay the start of a race. This can get you penalised.

2)In case a competitor’s bicycle becomes damaged or suffers a mechanical mishap, the competitor may run with or carry the bicycle across the finishing line, but must not interfere with any other competitor.

3)A dead heat must be declared when two or more competitors or teams cross the finish line simultaneously.

4)A tie must be declared in a race when aggregate points and count-back systems result in two or more competitors or teams being equal or when two or more competitors or teams record identical times.

5)When a dead heat or tie is declared for a place in a race, the competitors or teams involved must be declared joint winners of that place.

6)The Finish of a race must be judged from the tip of the front wheel of the bicycle at the point of the tangent with a vertical plane extended above the finishing line except where specifically provided for a particular race.

7)Every competitor and official must observe the local traffic laws and all cycling rules at all times.

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