What are some of the common challenges of being a parent?

What are some of the common challenges of being a parent?

Sanjay Dubey asked March 8, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi March 8, 2016

Being a parent is not easy. There are challenges and tremulous smiles all through the way and the biggest challenge is hiding all your worries behind a calm demeanor. 
Everyday parents face indecisiveness and feel skeptic about what they have thought for their child. Questions nag at the backdrop and yet they show that life is a smooth ride. Some of the common challenges that are faced by parents though are-   

  • Keeping lots of patience while bringing up their child and handling all kinds of tantrums the child throws 
  • Inculcating good habits in the child regarding hygiene, eating and social manners  
  • Many sleepless nights 
  • Handling sibling rivalry with controlled arguments and understanding 
  • Fulfilling the desires of the child yet without spoiling them 
  • Encouraging your child to study and work hard 
  • Tackling your child about any bad habits he/she has picked up 
  • Keeping a subtle track of everything your child does during the tender years when they are more prone to being influenced and then dealing with it 
  • Making your child be aware of ills of over use of computer, television or any other addiction he/she gets attracted to 
  • Teaching them the value of money 
  • Helping them pursue their dreams 
  • Answering to all their illogical questions 
  • Handling your child gently when he/she is growing up and dealing with their insecurities and consciousness about matters related to physical attributes and abusive language  

There are still many more to go as it is not possible to lay down apprehensions of the parents while they raise a child but still I feel the hardest is standing aside and letting your children learn from their mistakes but all the while dying to stop them from getting hurt and being left behind in any field.  


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