What are different styles of Yoga?

What are different styles of Yoga?

Sanjay Dubey asked April 11, 2016

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Nikita Rawat April 11, 2016

Yoga is the oldest form of meditation which teaches breath control and body postures essential for health and relaxation.  

Different styles of Yoga are- 

Anusara : It is often described as the purest form of yoga (Iyengar). It guides the students to express themselves through the poses to the best of their ability. 

Ashtanga: Ashtanga in Sanskrit means ‘eight limbs’. It is a fast paced strenuous pattern of poses performed repeatedly in the same order. They lay emphasis on continuous inhale and exhale breathing system. 

Bikram: Also known as Hot yoga. It is a set of 26 series. Practiced in a room where temperature is adjusted from 95 to 100 degrees it involves the loosening of tight muscles through sweat.  

Hatha: It is a classical and basic style of yoga which involves performing postures through regular breathing exercises.  

Iyengar: Nicknamed as furniture Yoga it involves exercises through props such as blocks, straps, incline boards and harnesses. This can be done by people of all ages and ability. 

Jivamukti: Theme based class with Sanskrit chanting and reference to ancient scriptures  it is basically for people from the western world who want to practice Yoga. It involves basic exercises of Yoga.  

Kripalu: Know, accept and learn is the basic fundamental of this style of Yoga. It takes you first to know how your body works in poses, then lets you meditate and learn how to hold them and then allows your body to be your teacher and perform as per your spontaneity.   

Kundalini: It involves constantly moving and invigorating poses to release the snake like energy in the body.   

Prenatal: It is a yoga style formulated for expectant mothers and also for mothers who want to get back in shape after delivery.  

Restorative: With the target of relaxing mind and body, these are simple 4 to 5 poses stretched for a period of 20 minutes with the use of props.
Sivananda: It comprises of 12 basic asanas. Proper breathing, relaxation, diet, exercise, and positive thinking are the philosophical concepts this style is based on.
Viniyoga: A style of yoga where the yogis adopt exercises that suit their bodies. Simply based on warming up and then contracting a muscle before stretching it is the basis of Viniyoga.  

Viniyasa: Based on the style ashtanga it is also known as Power Yoga. It is used by aerobic crazy yogis but does not do the same exercises again. It varies as per the teacher who teaches the yogis.
Yin: Known as Taoist Yoga it is quiet and meditative form of yoga by relaxing your muscles.  

Tantra Yoga: A style of yoga performed to enhance awareness and spiritual bond between couples.  


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