What are different forms of Art?

What are different forms of Art?

Gaurav Agnihotri asked July 6, 2016

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Abhilash Rajput July 6, 2016

Art is the medium through which the inner feelings and subtle creativity is exhibited to the world. There are varied forms of Art and each form of art is pleasing and soothing to our senses. 
Various forms of art are- 
Visual Arts: 
Are forms of art that require a medium to express what the artist is trying to say or bring out. These arts comprise of Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Calligraphy and Photography.  
Applied Art:  
Is a form of art which is practically applicable and functional. It categorically comprises of Architecture, Fashion / Jewelry / Interior Designing and Wood Crafting.  
Performing Arts: 
Among the most famous and approved form of art which brings out emotions through performing i.e. displaying through body language and skills. It holds within it dancing, singing, film and theatre and music.  
Each form of art has an immense capacity to move people through soulful expression be it on paper, through images, by articulate dancing, singing or music and also by practical applications.   


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