What are Astronomy Binoculars?

What are Astronomy Binoculars?

Shachee Asthana asked April 19, 2016

1 answer

Nikita Rawat April 19, 2016

Astronomy binoculars are instruments that help you to observe celestial objects with more clarity and making them appear nearer to your eyes.  
Binoculars that are used for astronomy have two important aspects. Firstly, they have big front lenses / bigger aperture that takes in more light to see faint objects far away. Astronomy being done during the dark hours requires more light in the lens to see the sky. 
Secondly, the binoculars have high optical quality to see objects against the dark sky.  
So, astronomy binoculars are simple instruments that are lighter than telescope but help you to observe the celestial objects just as clearly.


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