What are a few tips to take sharp images?

What are a few tips to take sharp images?

Vikas Rajput asked June 23, 2016

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Sumit Paliwal June 23, 2016

Poor focus, shaking camera and moving subjects cause blur and not so effective pictures. To capture sharp and clear images a few aspects are mandatory such as- 

  • Hold the camera with steady and both hands and support yourself against a wall or a tree or a solid object to click a sharp image. You can also take help of a tripod to keep the camera steady.  
  • Set your shutter speed to a limit where it captures images without the impact of camera shake and is able to freeze more of any movement. As said, ‘Choose a shutter speed with a denominator that is larger than the focal length of the lens.’  
  • Since aperture adjustment has an impact on the depth of field coverage in the image it is best to set it according to how much far you want to capture the image without making it appear blurred. 
  • Try and keep ISO as low as possible but in accordance with aperture and shutter speed for pin sharp images.  
  • Use auto focus available in cameras but necessarily recheck it too because without proper focus, the image will not come out sharp.  
  • Either use good lens or if the lens of the camera is not of a good quality try to shoot with focal length that lies in the middle of both its extreme ends. 
  • Adjust the diopter in the camera so that sharp and focused image could be seen through the viewfinder.  

By applying these small tips and changes I am sure you will get a sharper image and slowly with experience you will master the art of captivating sharp moments. 

  1. Hii, I wanted to know that taking sharp images also depends upon the type of Camera used?

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