What all do I need to start Painting?

What all do I need to start Painting?

Bisu Sharma asked July 11, 2016

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Sumit Paliwal July 11, 2016

Before you start out for a painting expedition the essentials that you would need are: 
After deciding on which kind of painting you are interested in, primarily you need a set of paints be it acrylic or oil paints. It is advisable to start out with small measures, essential colors which are not expensive.  
Paint Brushes:  
The second most important essential for painting are the paint brushes. As a beginner you do not need many brushes except a few bristle brushes. It’s best if you go in for 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large brushes to start with. 
This refers to the liquids you need besides your paints to mix them with for ideal painting. Each type of paints come with an ideal medium and to give finishing and smooth application, medium is essential to be bought with the paints be it oil or acrylic.
This is only needed for oil paints as brushes dipped in oil paints cannot be cleaned with water or any other cleaner.  
Painting Surface: 
You need a surface to paint on. It can either be paper (ideal for beginners), wood or canvas. The paint would be applied on whatever you have sketched on the surface. 
Charcoal Pencil:  
If you are new to painting it is better to sketch out what you intend to paint upon with a graphite touch pencil i.e. a charcoal pencil.  
You would need a solid object on which you can put colors and mix them easily. It should be big enough to hold many colors.
An easel that is of your height and can hold your surface securely, helping you to paint easily is another essential for painting.  
Cloth/ Newspaper: 
This is needed to wipe your brushes, dirty hands or clean any fallen paint or so. It is essential to keep either an old piece of cloth or newspaper by your side.  

  1. Can you provide a few tips on color combinations as well?
  2. Rohit for the right color combinations it is essential to understand the color wheel that holds the basics of all coloring.

    There are 12 colors to start with and now let’s understand how they are basically worked upon. Firstly there are three Primary colors Red, Blue and Yellow that can be used individually or mixed together to form Secondary colors.

    Then there are Green, Orange and Violet which fall between the primary colors and are called complementary colors as they are combined beautifully to bring out effect with the primary colors. You can use them like- Green and Red, Blue and Orange, Yellow and Purple

    . Now come the Intermediate colors which are 6 in number and are made by adding a primary color to a secondary color. They provide softness to the color background and are not vivid as primary or secondary. Mostly used in nature sceneries.

    Then colors are also either warm colors (yellow to red) or cool colors(shades of blue)which are used to increase depth and space in the art work. Lastly comes the adjacent or harmonious colors which are used together to create intensity.

    Thus, by using primary, secondary, warm, cool, complimentary and adjacent colors in the right blend can provide your drawing the right color combination.

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