Suggest a few conditioning exercises associated with dancing?

Suggest a few conditioning exercises associated with dancing?

Sudipta Rana asked March 8, 2016

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Seema Rawat March 8, 2016

Dancers are kind of artistic and creative athletes and therefore they need exercises that will help enhance their strength,energy and performing ability. Dancers or aspiring dancers should follow an exercise schedule that helps them to tone their body as well as increase their stamina. Dancers also need overall exercises that help them in maintaining their weight to prevent them from injuries.  
The kind of conditioning exercises that dancers would need depends on the type of dance form they are into. Following are some of the exercises that are essential for dancers- 
Warm up exercises including  

  • Heel walks (Achilles’ Tendon, calves) 
  • Toe walks  (calves, foot) 
  • Knee to chest with releve 
  • Bottom kicks (quadriceps) 
  • Hamstring Kick out with flexed foot 
  • Inch worm 
  • Leg swings (front, back and side - hip range of motion) 
  • Frankenstein kicks and swing through (hamstrings- leg range of motion) 
  • Lie on belly, attitude legs back (back, hips, gluteus) 
  • Spider walk (full body) 
  • high passe sauté  


  • Up and Over, Mountain Climbers, Push-ups, Sprints  
  • Sautés with Deep Plie, Passé Runs, Burpees, Jump Lunges 
  • Tricep Dips, Push-ups with Rotation, High Plank to Elbow Plank 

 Yoga and aerobics 
  Exercise that 

  • use body weight as resistance 
  • condition back and trunk 
  • stabilize pelvic region 
  • strengthen lower leg muscles 

Dancers need to exercise daily to increase their endurance level. Professional trainers should be consulted before going in for any workout as the instructor will chalk out work out as per your dance form.  


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