On what parameters is debating judged?

On what parameters is debating judged?

Ankit Gupta asked March 4, 2016

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Nikita Rawat March 4, 2016

Judging of a debate is not easy as one team or debater might just be better from the other by a minute edge. There are no such fixed parameters as such yet the judges have to be very alert and keep a close watch on the finer points.  
The following criteria for judging a debate are- 

  • How has the debater performed individually and as a team? 
  • How did the individuals/teams put forth their evidence, intellect and passion related to the topic?  
  • Were the debaters able to stand unflinching under pressure and were forthright in presentations? 
  • Were the debaters influencing and persuasive in presenting their points? 
  • Were the debaters able to handle the questions raised by the judges, audience and opposing teams? 
  • Were they able to put forth intelligent and retrospective questions to the opponents? 
  • How was their knowledge about the topic and was their argument well presented and clear? 

Thus, after evaluating the team / individual performance based on presentation, reasoning, approach and dominant presence over the other, the judges reach to a conclusion and decide which team or individual stands as the winner.  


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