On what basis should I choose my Guitar?

On what basis should I choose my Guitar?

Chandra Singh asked July 11, 2016

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Ashish Kumar July 11, 2016

Guitar is one of the most played musical instrument and is available in many variants which is enough to confuse and mislead someone who wants to select a Guitar.

‘How do I select a Guitar?’ is a question that often proves troublesome. The following guidelines could prove helpful in making a selection:


  • Style of music : which kind of genre you want to go into whether it would be classical, rock, jazz or blues. The Guitars for each type of music is different.


  • Age of the player:  whether the guitar is for a child or an adult.


  • Sound quality: The Guitar should have right timbre, intonation, balance and the sustenance, loudness and separation should be adequate as related to sound.


  • Electronic tuner: which helps set the pitch of the tone.


  • Level of learning: whether it is for a beginner or an advanced level performer.


  • Affordability: the monetary price which suits the selector.


  • Strings: nylon or steel

Each of these factors are important criterion for selecting a Guitar. Besides these there are many other factors such as personal preference, tone wood, playability quality, neck, fret board of the Guitar also count.
Only on being satisfied on the above aspects should a Guitar be selected.


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