Name the materials used for Clay modeling?

Name the materials used for Clay modeling?

Ashutosh Singh asked March 4, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi March 4, 2016

Clay modeling is the art of building and sculpting a shape or a figurine from any malleable material. 
The materials that are used for clay modeling are- 

Ceramic clay: they are water based substances structured out from clay minerals and other raw ingredients. The process of firing hardens the clay and brings out ceramics such as terracotta, porcelain or earthenware.  

Plasticine clay: these clays are made from combination of oils, clay minerals and waxes in various compositions. It does not harden as oil does not evaporate and therefore they remain soft and flexible for a long time, being generally used by animation artists.  

Polymer clay: this clay has no clay minerals in it and does not change shape or shrink during the heating process. This clay is used by hobbyists, children, craft and hobby and art stores.   

Paper clay: generally handmade and commercially available is blended with small percentage of cellulose fibre and is used for craft and doll making.  
The type of clay to be used depends on what product the sculptor or modeler wants to target.   


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