Name some competitions associated with Tabla?

Name some competitions associated with Tabla?

Ashok Chopra asked March 1, 2016

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Ashish Kumar March 1, 2016

North Indian classical music is incomplete without the rhythmic beats of Tabla. Though not so easy to play, it produces strong and unique beats which enhance the melody of any musical extravaganza. 
There is immense upcoming talent in Tabla playing and to extract the best out of these talents competitions are held on local, state, national and International level.  
Competitions are held for junior, intermediary and expert level respectively and entries are invited from all level of learners.  
Local and state competitions held are innumerable and cannot be ascertained as they depend upon local and state Institutes of Music.  
A few National and International music competitions that are organized at a specific time interval with Tabla as a category are- 

National Indian Music Competition (NIMC) organized by the National Arts Council for solo instrumental performance under junior, intermediary and open level.  
Tabla genre competition in the National Youth Festival  
Competitions held by Afghanistan National Institute of Music 
Canadian Music Competitions  
All India Radio Competition  

There are various competitions held at International level too bringing out the talent of Indian Tabla under Music Category and Festival.  


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