Name few trending debate topics?

Name few trending debate topics?

Neeti Singh asked April 19, 2016

1 answer

Sumit Paliwal April 19, 2016

Usually debating takes place on topics that are socially viable or hot and have essence to affect the masses. There are wide range of education, social, financial, psychological, religious, entertainment,  topics that could be taken up. A few trending debate topics as per me could be- 

  • Should kids get paid to do chores? 
  • Should self protection techniques be compulsorily taught to students? 
  • Should there be a dress code in colleges too to reduce peer pressure? 
  • Should schools introduce special classes for after school career options to help parents and kids getting lost in hoax of coaching centers?  
  • Are government officials prone to accept bribe because they are insufficiently remunerated? 
  • Should homosexuality/bisexuality be accepted? 
  • Is youth aggression to be blamed on parents and society? 

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