Name few intercropping considerations for plants?

Name few intercropping considerations for plants?

Pooja Dabral asked April 20, 2016

1 answer

Nikita Rawat April 20, 2016

Intercropping is the best method to increase yield and you can start it by stressing on a few aspects such as- 

  • Look out for plants that do not belong to the same botanical family as same family plants will have same characteristics, they will need the same nutrition and since they will attract the same pests, infestations affecting them will be difficult to eradicate.  
  • Prepare a bed with plants that have same water, temperature and mineral requirements so that all can be tended at a time. 
  • Select plants that have deep roots and also those have shallow roots to alternately plant them for optimum growth. 
  • The size and distribution of the aerial part of the plants also should be taken into consideration so that all plants get enough sunlight and shade. 
  • Choose plants with different growth period as blending early growing plant with late will give each enough time to grow healthy. 
  • Use of legumes will enrich the soil thus should be taken into consideration. 

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