List various Star Gazing accessories?

List various Star Gazing accessories?

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Nikita Rawat March 8, 2016

Usually when one needs to feel at peace or blend with the magic of nature one goes for star gazing. Conventionally speaking you just need a good pair of eyes and a clear sky to look at the stars but this holds true when you just want to spend time looking at the sky above, with a loved one. 
In practical terms, there are certain accessories required to be taken along to make star gazing an exhilarating experience. These being- 
Astronomical Binoculars  
A good set of astronomical binoculars will reveal sights of the sky that is not possible to see with your naked eye.
Telescope is an accessory to be taken along for star gazing to provide a deep and enlarged view of the celestial objects. It would also require a mount to be rested upon.  
Sky watching Software 
Digital sky watching software to map out the night sky is another handy accessory. 
Astronomical Compass 
This compass when pointed towards the sky instantly identifies which object are you looking at, be it Mercury, Venus or Moon.
Head Torch 
Night makes it difficult to read the star map or get adjusted to the darkness thus head torch is an essentiality. 

Laser Pointer 
A beam of green light from the laser makes it easy to point sights of interest.  
Hand warmers 
Star gazing is done on clear nights which are usually in winters. Hand warmers helps to keep hands warm in the chill of the night. 

Something that is cozy and hot can also be taken along to provide heat in the chilly night and the star gazing experience can be made into a life time memory.   


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