List different types of wax used in candle making.

List different types of wax used in candle making.

Charul Tyagi asked March 17, 2016

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Ashish Kumar March 17, 2016

Wax is the fuel which helps the candle to burn and there are various types of wax each having its own unique features. Each type of wax gives a different finish to the candle and thus can be used according to how you want your candle to appear. The types of wax used for making candles are- 
Paraffin Wax- the most common and versatile wax, by product of crude oil is majorly used in commercial candles sold at stores today. The melting point of paraffin wax lies between 110 degree F to 150 degree F and burns really well. They are available in colorless blocks or slabs.  
Soy Wax- They are mostly made from soybean oil. Some are made of other vegetable oil or waxes. They have come up in recent times as very good substitute to paraffin or beeswax and candles made from Soy wax are called natural candles. This wax is inexpensive and shrinks very little while making a candle.  
Beeswax-  the oldest and expensive candle making wax is the by product that comes from the bees during their honey making process. After being extracted from the bee hive it is filtered and melted many times. They are available in blocks, slabs or pre rolled sheets which can be rolled into candles without melting. This wax is preferred for its natural sweet scent and property to burn slowly.  
Gel Wax- This is actually a blend of mineral oil and resin by which transparent candles are made. They are actually not considered as a type of wax but make beautiful, colored and fragrant candles.  
Palm Wax- made of natural palm oil, Palm wax is firm and brittle and is extensively used to make candles such as pillars or votives.   
Tallow- soft wax which was used centuries ago. It is taken out from the fat of sheep, pigs and cows and gives out an unpleasant odor when burnt. Best use of such type of wax is for candles in containers.  
Bayberry Wax- naturally scented and green shaded this wax comes from boiling the berries of bayberry bushes. This wax is very expensive and is best suitable for people who want to create old fashioned candles of bygone era.  

  1. Useful Information!!I also wanted to know that does the type of wick that we use for Candle making also depends on the type of wax used?if yes,then how?
  2. Yes,the wick used differ with type of wax.Here you can find the list of wicks used with corresponding wax.

    RRD - ideal with paraffin and soy waxes, made of cotton core and tension threads, used for votives and containers.

    HTP and CD SERIES WICKS - known as paper wicks have paper core tied around the wick, used ideally for votives and containers.

    LX SERIES WICKS– flat braided with stabilized threads used ideally for votives, containers and pillars .

    ZINC CORE WICKS – it is used for hot pour process and goes well with paraffin wax container candles.

    WICK CLIP ASSEMBLIES – wicks that have been already waxed, cut in different sizes, with different diameters. Depending on the type of candle, its ragrance load and size and shape the wicks can be selected from the wide variety available as ready to place wick.

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