List a few personalities associated with Salsa?

List a few personalities associated with Salsa?

Mayur Vashishtha asked April 22, 2016

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Nikita Rawat April 22, 2016

Salsa a Latin dance style originated from Cuba or New York is a dance form famous for its rhythmic sway of hips and upper body with coordination of foot work.

Some famous personalities that are associated with Salsa and have been contributory to it are:

Eddie Torres- has his own distinctive style of teaching salsa in New York and has dedicated his life to it.

Johnny Vasquez-a dance phenomenon in the LA style of Salsa, he is simply amazing.

Juan Matos-he had always dreamt as a young boy to become a dancer and it was in 1997 that he gained acclamation for it.

Frankie Martinez- one of the most famous salsa dancers in the world is also the founder of ABAKUA Afro-Latin Dance company.

Magna Gopal-inspired by the movie Dance With Me, she enrolled for classes to learn Salsa right after and made her mark in the field.

Seaon Bristol- lives in Los Angeles, California he is a renowned Salsa dancer, choreographer and instructor.

Leon Rose-this Caribbean London born dancer is one of the best salsa dancers in the UK and also a choreographer and instructor.

Super Mario-has great salsa skills and is skillful at various moves and combinations.

Talal- Found out in a club in Belgium that he was a great at Salsa. Now is a performer of Salsa at international level.


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