Is snake plant good for growing in my garden?

Is snake plant good for growing in my garden?

Shweta Dubey asked January 23, 2017

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Sumit Paliwal January 23, 2017

Snake Plant also called as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, scientific name (Sansevieria trifasciata) is an evergreen perennial plant. Basically it is the native plant to Western Africa, but now over the last few decades is  widely grown all over the world.
Few benefits of growing this plant include:

  • It is beneficial to improve the indoor air quality. it is one of the best houseplants for absorbing airborne toxins, including formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide, benzene, xylene and trichloroethylene.
  • It is a great indoor plant, as it can survive in low light for long durations.
  • As a beginner it is very easy to start with this plant as they require very little maintenance. Just be careful if you have pets, as this plant may be toxic when it is ingested.
  • The plant purifies air by absorbing toxins through the leaves and producing pure oxygen. In fact, the Sansevieria is an ideal bedroom plant. Whereas most other plants release carbon dioxide at night (in the absence of photosynthesis), the Sansevieria continues to produce oxygen.

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