Is it safe to learn Martial Arts?

Is it safe to learn Martial Arts?

Nabab Singh asked July 8, 2016

1 answer

Nikita Rawat July 8, 2016

With certain code of ethics and morality principles each Martial Art has its roots in the theory of self defense or self protection.  
It holds completely true that Martial Arts teach us self preservation skills and diligently pursued which are sometimes likely to result in injuries or hazards.  
Be prepared to get cuts, sprains even a few broken bones while learning Martial Arts because they are only about physical use of force, your body strength and anything that has to do with exhibition or training of physical assertion will have some afflicted wounds.  
But if training in Martial Arts is done without precautions it would have been out long time back. Trainers take utmost precautions while instructing their students and thus a trainee is likely to sustain a minor injury or so but is under no severe risk as such. 
Wear protective gear or equipment while training so that all parts of the body that are prone to injury could be saved and respect your partner while training so that he/she does not get injured callously by you.


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