Is Hip Hop an individual dance form or a team dance form?

Is Hip Hop an individual dance form or a team dance form?

Sujeet Jaiswal asked April 7, 2016

1 answer

Nikita Rawat April 8, 2016

Hip Hop a dance form that basically evolved from break dancing steps is one of the most spontaneous style that involves complete freedom of movements. High energy dance with fusion of many steps from free flowing, locking and popping it is a kind of battle between two individuals or teams/gangs that challenge each other and whoever wins in the challenge is considered to be the winner.  

Hip Hop is performed both individually and as a team.  

Usually a single challenger of a team comes face to face with the challenger from the other team at a time and then the challengers from both the teams keep changing after performing for a stipulated period of time.   

Teams can be as creative as they want and they can face performers from another team in groups or individually.  

So, Hip hop is basically both an individual dance form and a team dance too with more stress on individual performance.  


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