Is Dandiya an individual or a team dance form?

Is Dandiya an individual or a team dance form?

Deepak Maheshwari asked April 20, 2016

1 answer

Ashish Kumar April 20, 2016

Dandiya is performed during Navratri in Gujarat extensively and all over India and in the western world with zeal and merriment. 
Dandiya is not an individual dance form. It is performed with a partner or a team. In Dandiya, the men and women dance to the beats of music with bamboo sticks in their hands which they have to strike against the sticks of their partner or team members.  
Normally, it is carried out by assembling in two circular formations where a member of the outer circle moves in a clock wise direction and dances with the member of the inner circle that moves in an anti clock direction, by striking against each other’s sticks in rhythmic movements.


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