Is Ballet an individual or a team Dance form?

Is Ballet an individual or a team Dance form?

Pramil Verma asked July 1, 2016

1 answer

Nikita Rawat July 1, 2016

Ballet dance form originated in Italian Renaissance courts in the 15th century became prevalent in France and Russia as concert Dance form.  
Traditionally Ballet was performed with  elaborate costumes and staging as an extension of signifying feelings to what was being enacted in the background whereas modern Ballet are performed in simple costumes with grace and precision which acts out a play by gestures and language of limbs.   
Ballet be it traditional or modern can be performed both as a solo act or as a couple performance.  
As a solo performance it brings out the grace of the ballerina/danseur and the audience are mesmerized by the dancer. 
When Ballet is performed as a couple , the partner cannot be changed and the couple bring out their emotions with fluidity and grace in their body language.  


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