In which state of India is Dandiya most prevalent?

In which state of India is Dandiya most prevalent?

Sanjay Kumar asked April 13, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi April 13, 2016

Dandiya though is performed all over India during Navratri, it is most prevalent in Gujarat as it is the chief folk dance of Gujaratis.  
Dandiya is performed after the aarti on all nine days of Navratri and is the chief attraction of Navratri festival. Men and women dressed in colorful attire hold bamboo sticks known as Dandiya in their hands and in groups dance with rhythmic beats and tempo with each other by striking off their sticks. 
Hundreds of people dancing to the music in the same rhythm creates a spellbinding effect and the high energy makes spectators gape with awe wanting to become a part of the group. Dandiya is complex and needs to be learnt before it can be indulged in.  


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