How to start Garden Intercropping?

How to start Garden Intercropping?

Ruchika Gupta asked April 19, 2016

1 answer

Sumit Paliwal April 19, 2016

Intercropping is referred to the growing of plants very closely both physically and temporally to increase yield.   

Intercropping provides shade to the soil, helps to minimize weed growth, reduces moisture loss and helps to grow more plants but there are certain considerations that have to be kept in mind before intercropping, being: 

  • Intercropping has to be planned in a way that the root zones of the plants do not overlap each other and get enough space for growth and nutrients from the soil. This can be achieved by alternating between two different types of root system plants such as deep and shallow.  
  • Go in for companion plantations because in intercropping one plant affects the other as they are grown closely and by making them companions shortcomings of the one are overlapped by the other thereby making both grow nutritionally.  

Thus effective intercropping can be started after planning carefully regarding soil, climate, crops and varieties.


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