How to prepare myself for school interview?

How to prepare myself for school interview?

Lalit Sharma asked July 6, 2016

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Seema Rawat July 6, 2016

When you go to admit your child in a school you will have to perhaps go through an interview conducted by the school authorities to assess your credentials as parents. They interview parents to know more about the child, judge if you are capable to adjust to the decorum the school holds and how serious you are about your child’s education and your personality traits are also keenly observed by the board which helps them to keep a seat aside for your child if he/she qualifies after the written test. 
The basic guidelines to prepare for an interview are- 

  • Read all that is available on the school website about the school so that you do not falter. 
  • Be polite during the interview and do not take stress so that it is evident on your face. 
  • Be confident and dress appropriately.  
  • Be clear in your conceptions regarding what you want from the school for your child and how much you are ready to cooperate with the school as parents. 
  • Be truthful in answering questions related to child-parent interaction and information regarding your work profile and personal data.  
  • Prepare your child well so that the child is not scared or nervous to face the interview.  
  • Besides these guidelines, each school has its own prerogatives so be prepared accordingly.  


  1. Thank you for these useful tips.But can you also guide me with some questions that can be asked during the interview.
  2. Welcome Hamid.

    Yes sure,I have included some of the Parents interview questions that can beuseful for you.Schools commonly ask questions related to your family and educational background such as:

    - You live in a joint or nuclear family?
    - How many people are there at home?
    - Tell about your Qualifications?
    - Is your wife working?
    - The child is closer to whom?
    - What is the importance of education?
    - What do you understand by the term Perfect parenting?
    - Do any of you especially the father smoke or drink at home?
    - What is the role of parents in a child’s education?

    These are some of the commonly asked questions during Parent interview.Hope the information will be beneficial for you.

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