How to make a Sand Candle ?

How to make a Sand Candle ?

Dharamveer Rawat asked March 30, 2017

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Sumit Paliwal March 30, 2017

Making a sand candle is very easy. We can divide the preparatory steps into 3 parts :
Part 1 ) Setting Up

  • Choose a flat-bottomed object with smooth sides to make your mold.
  • Fill a large container with damp sand.
  • Press the object bottom-first into the sand
  • Pull object out very carefully, so that the sand keeps the shape of your object.
  • Press a tabbed wick into bottom of your mold.
  • Place two sticks across the opening of your mold, one to either side of the wick.

Part 2) Heating and Pouring the Wax

  • Set up a double boiler.
  • Add the candle wax into the melting pot and heat it between 260°F and 275°F (126°C and 135°C)
  • Pour the melted wax slowly into the sand
  • Wait for your first pour of wax to set.
  • Heat more wax for your second pour, this time between 175°F and 190°F (80°C and 88°C).

Part 3) Finishing the Candle

  • Let the candle sit overnight.
  • Remove the candle from the sand carefully the next day.
  • Gently brush the excess sand off using a soft-bristled brush.
  • Now the candle is ready to use

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