How to make a candle with colored flame ?

How to make a candle with colored flame ?

Rajat Verma asked March 16, 2017

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Peeyush Anand March 16, 2017

You make a colored fire by sprinkling chemicals in the flames, making wax cakes containing chemicals or by soaking wood in a water and chemical solution.Some of these methods are :

1) Choosing the Chemicals by color they produce - The very first step to make a candle with colored flame is to choose the color you wish to your flame to have.But we should always remember to have them in powdered form and don't substitute chlorates, nitrates, or permanganates. Few chemicals, according to the color they produce are :

  • Carmine (deep red): lithium chloride
  • Red: strontium chloride
  • Orange: calcium chloride, found in household products used for absorbing moisture or dehumidifying.
  • Yellow: sodium chloride, which is table salt.

2) Sprinkle the chosen chemical on the flame - A pinch of these chemicals can produce few minutes of colored flame.

3) Mix the coloring chemicals with the wax -

  • Melt wax in the heater
  • Add about 2 teaspoon of coloring chemical to it.
  • Pour the heated wax in the moulds and allow it to cool
  • Fire the candles, it will produce colored flame.

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