How to help the new born baby adjust to the night and day pattern?

How to help the new born baby adjust to the night and day pattern?

Bisu Sharma asked March 4, 2016

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Ashish Kumar March 4, 2016

There are light sensing cells in every retina which is in communication with that part of the human brain that controls the biological clock. But to avail this, the eyes should be exposed to bright light during daytime.
To help the new born to adjust to night and day pattern – 

Day procedure: 

Dress the baby in warm clothes so that the child is comfortable without needing blanket thus helping you to avoid swaddling the child too much.  

Let the baby not sleep much during daytime hence avoid activities that put the baby to sleep.  

Try to make the baby lie near window which witnesses bright light. 

Try to be social with the baby during feeding intervals. 
By the Evening: 

Try keeping the baby awake and feed him as much as possible. 
At Night:  

Swaddle the baby in comfortable blanket. 

Make the baby sleep comfortably in a cozy and warm place to make the child feel secure. 

Try putting the baby to sleep with soothing music in the background. 

Avoid the use of cold things and overhead lights which might disturb your baby. 

The child is always hungrier at night so feed the child sufficiently so that hunger does not wake him/her.   

Apply diaper cream to avoid irritation to the child after pooping.  
By applying these small measures and gradually making the child adapt to them, you can help your new born adjust to day and night pattern.  


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