How to handle sibling rivalry amongst my children?

How to handle sibling rivalry amongst my children?

Ashok Chopra asked March 3, 2016

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Sumit Paliwal March 3, 2016

Sibling rivalry on the forefront is the scene of every household where there are more than one children. The constant bickering and trying to outshine the other somehow runs much deeper than what it appears to be.  
The root cause of sibling rivalry perhaps is just a struggle to get undivided love ,approval and attention of the parents.  
Thus, it needs to be handled with extreme caution and delicacy as sibling rivalry if not nipped in the bud can sometimes prove to be painful in the long run. 
Though this rivalry will never cease off completely yet by a few smart ways you can handle the cut throat competition between your kids. 
Do not take sides – Be very cautious when it comes to saying whose mistake it was. Scold both the children and refrain yourself from taking sides. Make it appear as if both are at fault and should apologize to each other. 
Stop being a referee – Other than very serious fights stop being a referee to your kids snapping and fighting with each other. Half their spirit to prove who is right will waive off once you do not interfere or take decisive actions regarding their rivalry.  
Make a fighting table – Make a rule in your home that both the kids will have to sit opposite each other at a certain suitable time in the evening and bicker at each other verbally. When your children will be made to do this every day, their interest to put each other down will start to diminish. Furthermore stress that the day they do not fight would be the day they would not have to sit at the table.  
Try and infuse companionship – appreciate your kids for their achievements rather than comparing them to their sister’s or brother’s accomplishments. Instigate your one child to take the side of other when in trouble and make them feel proud of the other. 
Besides these all parents have a natural instinct that guides them through all these challenges. Work on those instincts and handle your kids as per their requirements.

  1. Sumit, Thanks for your advice. I am a working mom and sometimes, it gets difficult for me to manage with both the kids. They fight so much that makes me to do a few mistakes, which I must not. I will implement the above suggestions.

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