How to choose the right telescope for astronomy?

How to choose the right telescope for astronomy?

Neeraj Jaiswal asked April 19, 2016

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Nikita Rawat April 19, 2016

Telescope, the instrument that brings celestial objects in clear view of our eyes are available in many varieties. To choose the best telescope for astronomy is difficult but an intrinsic evaluation of the following features can prove to pick up the right telescope. 
Power: Stay away from telescopes that say that they provide more power or magnificence. Reason being that telescopes with lower magnificence provide a better view rather than high magnificence which make objects seem faint. 
Aperture: The size of the aperture determines how much light you can gather to view better. So go in for a telescope that is not too heavy but the aperture size provides maximum light to set in through the lens. 
Refractor vs. Reflector:  If you want to look at the planets then refracting telescopes should be opted for but if you just want a cursory look at the heavens, reflecting telescopes are optimum choice as they are less expensive than refracting telescopes.  
Focal Ratio: This means the ratio of focal length to aperture i.e. how you can view the distant or close object or rather the light path from your telescopic lens to the object you want to view.   
Eyepiece: The telescope should have at least one eyepiece and would be better if it has 2-3. Lower magnificence eyepiece is better as it requires less light, holds objects more in view and helps to view dimmer objects rather than higher magnificence eyepiece which only provides more details.  
By keeping the above aspects in mind, you can go in for the right telescope.


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